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Höchstadt an der Aisch

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West Mayo Brewery were delighted to be invited to Höchstadt an der Aisch in April 2016 to participate in their celebration of the 25th anniversary of their Beer Keller Club on the Beer Day of Saturday April 23rd which was the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Beer Purity Law called Reinheitsgebot.

Höchstadt an der Aisch is in Franconia, the northern part of the Bavarian/Bayern province where they have a proud brewing tradition and the greatest density (and quality!) of breweries probably in the world. The welcome we recieved was wonderful and we were very grateful to be so well looked after and to see all the interesting sights and learn all the local beer styles.

We have a photo album on our Facebook page that you can see here!

Brew 100

Brew100 Brew 100 Grist


Well, it took a while because we are only little, but the grist and the brew sheet are ready for tomorrow's 100th brew!

The brew will be of Clew Bay Sunset, which was also the beer we made on our first brew just over two and a half year's ago - and in about 3 weeks time, you may be sampling it! Sláinte!

Mckennas Guide 2016

McKennas Plaques Brewery 2016 C We are delighted to have been included in John & Sally McKennas' Guides 2016

 The plaque has gone on the brewery wall beneath the one for 2015.

 Thanks to all who are supporting us and we promise to keep the standards high and producing high quality craft beers for you!

 McKennas Plaques Brewery 2016 B

To Russia With Beer

We are delighted to say that Oilean Eadaigh West Mayo Brewery beer will shortly be on sale in Hamiltons Bar in Belgorod. So bog myrtle from near our lake on Hilltop Farm in West Mayo will soon be enjoyed in our Paddy's Pilgrims Porter in Russia! Our other beers will also be on sale in Hamiltons and the Russian barstaff are ready with their t-shirts and Mayo flags.

The set of photographs show the route taken - bog myrtle near the lake, Konstantin and Nataly from Hamiltons inspecting the product at our brewery, the van loaded with one-trip kegs and ready to go. And finally, Hamiltons getting ready for the beers. Enjoy folks!

bog mrytlenataly konstantinin van wmbham5

Thanks to Kelly's Mountain Brew Ltd in Clane, County Kildare, who are exporting our beers to Hamiltons in Russia along with their own. They will all be leaving from Clane together next week, giving plenty of choice of quality Irish Craft Beer to Belgorod!

Grainne Uaile Atlantic Ale

Atlantic Ale beer lensWe are delighted to announce our new special beer, GAA or Gráinne Úaile Atlantic Ale which went down very well at the Pirate Queen festival in Westport House!

It is periodically on sale in a couple of venues in Westport until we run out - the latest brew in McGing's Bar on High Street and Cobbler's Bar at the Octagon - but please check Out the Drink Our Draught Page for an up to date list of local suppliers.

Gráinne Úaile was the Pirate Queen of 16th century here in County Mayo and she once had an audience with Queen Elizabeth I such was her renoun. Rumour has it she never went anywhere without a pint of the Atlantic Ale to see her on her way (a rumour we may have started!)


GAA is an all grain brown ale with robust Atlantic flavours perfect for stormy Atlantic weather throughout the year.

This current batch is 4.4% ABV and includes honey from Westport! Sláinte!

Full ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Honey, Hops, Yeast

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